Hello Everyone!

The Server IP is

In a couple of hours the main server will be un-whitelisted, and we will be open!

Here are some things you need to know!

We will offer a 50% release discount to everyone!
However if you come from mafia-craft, and you've purchased a rank on mafia-craft and can prove it, we will offer you an additional discount.

If you comply with the mafia craft discount, please email [email protected] with the proof of purchase and we will send you a discount code to use.

The world is 8,000 by 8,000. And the nether world border is 5,000 by 5,000.

Please be sure you are following the rules which can be found here:

This is our discord, which you can join for a more information:

If you have any questions please contact a staff member.

The exact time of the un-whitelisting will be 3:00PM EST, 2:00PM CST, 1:00PM MST, and 12:00PM PST.

Thank you everyone for the support,
- CartelPvP
Hello Everyone!

We will be releasing CartelPvP This 12th of August, 2017!

We will be lifting the white-list on our main server Saturday, August 12th, 2017 for everyone to join and start playing!

However what time may you ask?
This will occur around 3:00PM (EST) which equates to 2:00PM (CST), 1:00PM (MST), or 12:00PM (PST)!

Stay as up to date as possible on our discord here:

We plan on adding the police & criminal aspect to the game, as a update in the future.

We will also have a 50% off sale, on our store.

CartelPvP is a factions server with a unique experience, unlike any other server. We have custom textures, and custom plugins. We also have a dedicated host which will allow us to not lag, and still hold a large amount of players!

I hope to see everyone in around a week!

Thank you!
- CartelPvP

Hello Everyone!

Some new forum changes include a New Logo, and some minor bug and security fixes.

Currently we are looking for about one to three more moderators. If you think you have what it takes please apply!

If you have any questions please join our discord and ask a staff member for help!

Again, sorry for the delayed starting time, but as of right now we are awaiting on some plugins to be finished!

Thank you,
- Management
Welcome to the new forums!

Here you can find most information about our server, and keep up with updates. You can report players here, or even apply for staff. If you were banned, and would like to have it reviewed by an admin, please make a Ban-Appeal here.

We also have rules, and other areas to help with various needs. Please be sure you follow the rules, and if you aren't sure PM a staff member.

Thank you,
- CartelPvP